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Our free consumer guide gives you everything you need to know about choosing a computer service provider that’s right for you. We’ll give you some tips on things to look for (and stay away from!) and the right questions to ask as well as a wealth of information on the subjects below:

Read this guide and you’ll discover:

  • Computer scams and rip-offs that you MUST be aware of.
  • 5 costly misconceptions about computer maintenance and repair.
  • Viruses, worms, spyware, and hackers: what you need to know to protect yourself.
  • 7 questions you need to ask before buying any computer equipment.
  • 5 critical characteristics you should demand from your computer repair technician.
  • The 7 biggest mistakes people make when choosing IT service providers & how to avoid them
  • Why you need to avoid “cheap” or “bargain” computer repair shops.
  • 5 Computer Secrets Revealed.
  • The one surefire sign that you should run – not walk – out of a computer repair shop.

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