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Emergency Response Computer Repairs

Fast, Guaranteed Repairs & Upgrades

In a Rush!? Have a technical emergency? Don’t dial 911! Call ClickRight! We know it’s a pain when your computer is not working so we provide emergency response computer repairs in Port Moody, Coquitlam, and Port Coquitlam.

Here are some situations where our emergency service can help you:

  • You arrive at your office only to discover your server is down and nobody can work.
  • Your POS computer has a virus and you cannot process transactions until it’s fixed.
  • Your internet is down and you can’t function! (Tip: try calling your ISP first to make sure that’s not the problem.)
  • Your office computer is infected with malware and you can’t work.
  • Your main office printer won’t print.
  • It’s 5pm and you’re leaving on business trip at 7am the next day. You go to your laptop to quickly review your presentation but discover it won’t start up. You try rebooting it several times, but it just gets stuck. you need it fixed for tomorrow morning or you’re fired!

 Get Emergency Service Now!

Don’t worry, if you have a computer emergency, we can help you! Here’s how it works:

  1. Call 778-355-8000 Ext. 9 and explain the situation.
  2. If a technician is available, they will be dispatched immediately to your location. If a technician is not available, the next available spot is yours!
  3. Your issues will be resolved as soon as possible in the comfort of your own home or office. If necessary, your computer may be picked up and returned to you ASAP.

Price: $298 per hour on-site. From $69 phone or remote support.

 Get Rush Service Now!

In-Store Rush Service (Instant Diagnostics & Priority Repairs)

  1. Bring your computer to our office during regular business hours.
  2. We will start diagnosing it immediately and notify you as soon as we have a solution. Once you authorize the repairs, your job goes to the top of the list.

Price: $100 per computer.

On-Site Rush Service

This service is available as an add-on to some on-site flat-rate services that require your computer to be picked up and returned to you (such as malware removal, hard drive replacements, and some other miscellaneous services) This service may not be applicable to all on-site repairs.

  1. Your computer will be picked up and brought to our shop. Once in our shop, it will be our top most priority.

Price: $100 per computer plus flat-rate fee.